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Kaivola's heritage Farm


Kaivola's heritage farm is loacated in Päijät-Häme and it's in Montari of Villähti village.
It has been moved to it's current place in the year 1904 from Haravakylä village during the big act of land dividina.

At the Kaivola's estate has been operated both farming and forestry since 1904 by the Mäkinen family. 

The current owners Auli and Jarmo Mäkinen are very keen on to retain and respect the old history, habits and things, when taking care and developing the farm. So nowadays it's possible to visit the farm and get to know the old farming tools and methods.


Willa Fantti - Europe's largest elephant collection methodes


There are at Willa Fantti more than 8500 elephant figures in 11 buildings
and the collection is constantly increasing.

Summer Café


In Summer Cafe you can enjoy for example homemade cookies,  drink elefant juice and buy the different figures of elephants.                                                                           



Opening times: 01. May - 30. September
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
12: 00-18: 00
other times should be agreed in advance

the groups visits and interpreter services should be reserved in advance.




Contact details



Pitkätie 195
15560 Nastola
+358 3 758 0139


Jarmo Mäkinen
Tel. +358 400 710 121


Auli Jyllinvuori-Mäkinen (reservations)
Tel. +358 50 525 1411